Hair Reduction

The FDA has approved several devices that simplify your life by reducing the need to shave, wax, pluck or use depilatories to reduce unwanted hair. We have been helping people like you for many years. We know how important your appearance is and will work to earn your trust as we have for others over the years.

We have used most, if not all, of the approved hair reduction devices. They all work on the same principle- special forms of light are used to heat and thereby destroy the hair’s growth center. Hair is either reduced or eliminated.

The type of light that is used is very important. Lasers are limited to only one wavelength. We have seen better results using filtered, computer controlled intense pulsed light that includes several wavelengths within each pulse. We enjoy using this machine since we can closely control not only the power level but also the number of component pulses within each “master” pulse, their length and the duration between pulses. This flexibility and power is superior to other machines we have used. Since we own this equipment and use it every day we are confident in its abilities and are able to advise and treat you the way you want- so that you can be free of unwanted hair and the distress and aggravation it produces.

Common questions:

  • Does it hurt?—This varies but the pulsed light treatment is certainly less painful than other machines we have used. Most people experience little or no discomfort.
  • Risks?—The skin may be red or crusted temporarily – there is risk of discoloration. Generally, there is little or no need to change your activities.
  • Special precautions?—We will not perform treatments if you are tanning or for approximately six weeks after tanning. While this is an inconvenience it is safer and allows us to provide you with better results.
  • Number of treatments?— Reducing hair on the backs or legs may require one or two treatments. If you wish to never be bothered by hair again then more treatments will be necessary. We find that 3 or 4 treatments satisfy most individuals.
  • Best candidates?– The guiding rule is that the hair must be darker than the skin!