Surgery and Screening

We have performed surgery for many years –in-office, convenient removal of both benign and malignant skin lesions. We attempt to serve you better by remaining focused and specialized! Following removal our goal is the best possible aesthetic result. Since we spend so much of our time performing cosmetic services we are very sensitive to the end appearance. Our staff and procedures have been refined to minimize any anxiety.- for example, we use a special , neutralized anesthetic to reduce discomfort Certain sensitive individuals benefit from application of numbing creams and this can be discussed at a visit prior to surgery.

We also offer in office clinical screening services to determine your risk of developing malignancy. We often are able to reassure and educate without the need to remove any lesions. At the very least it is important to have your individual situation evaluated by those with the most experience in evaluating the skin and its many appearances throughout life and as it is affected by sun and weather! When necessary we do use Epiluminescence Microscopy to evaluate questionable lesions and thereby to possibly avoid surgery. The best surgery is the least surgery!

Benign lesions that are irritated or clinically suspicious are removed every day in the office.

Malignant lesions are a priority and we remove one or two low grade malignancies every day plus more serious ones.

Experience helps us evaluate early signs of sun damage. For example, actinic keratoses are pre cancers that can be treated with liquid nitrogen or certain creams thereby avoiding traditional surgery. There are a number of new chemical treatments for this condition. Recent opinion, however, indicates that liquid nitrogen or surgery is still the preferred technique for most pre cancerous conditions (CF: The Medical Letter, June 24th, 2002, volume 44, issue 1133)

Finally, we perform all surgery in the office- thereby maintaining your privacy and avoiding the additional costs of outpatient surgery.