The use of light in the treatment of psoriasis is an old and time-tested therapy.  We offer narrow band UVB (nb-UVB) as well as an Excimer laser. This sounds fancy but is really just a way to deliver strong, effective light to the areas of psoriasis while sparing all the normal skin. Narrow band UVB  is best used for larger areas while the laser is best for smaller areas such as elbows, knees, legs and scalp. Other exciting new developments  include “biological control” to reduce the inflammatory cells that are important in this distressing condition. While this has allowed us to expand treatment possibilities most people are first treated with prescription creams and/or with light treatments. We were one of the first offices in Connecticut to provide PUVA. As a result we have a particularly large psoriasis practice.

Unfortunately some people with psoriasis become so disappointed with the difficulty and the time and the expense associated with this condition that they give up or minimize treatment. We feel this is a pity and will do all within our power to work with you. While no one can cure psoriasis we can almost certainly improve your condition or may be able to provide a more convenient source of care.

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